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Know Your Wood – Wooden furniture

Furniture of our house expresses our sense of style too. As our life goes through different changes either big or small, our furnishing needs change too.  Be it a rented house or your own home, one of the most important things that give you a relaxation and warmth is furniture.  It takes up the majority of space in our house ad dining table is one piece of furniture found in almost all home. Buying furniture can sometimes be really exhausting and overwhelming experience. Our emotions are attached to each purchase we make towards making our dream home complete. It is important to pick sturdy, timeless and well-designed furniture that fit your space and budget. The round dining table is a piece of furniture that should be placed properly and should incorporate the above-mentioned features.

Furniture is most commonly made of wood. There are so many varieties of wood and each kind has its own grains, composition, longevity this is why there are so many different prices. Wooden tables are beautiful and sturdy. It defines and adds different degrees of beauty to the room that it is placed in, and not only that wooden furniture is a great complement to other furnishings too. Every home requires and table whether it is two seater dining table or large yet space efficient one.

Wooden furniture is majorly made with either hardwood or softwood, both are equally popular in the furniture industry. Hardwoods are commonly darker and expensive than softwood. There are few famous wood types which are majorly used for furniture:

Mahogany: It is one of the most popular types of wood. It is also a popular choice when it comes to veneers (A thin layer of would which is cut from the circumference of the tree). Mahogany is an expensive hardwood and its color varies from brown to reddish-brown. 

Pine: This wood is good for staining and is lightweight too. Unlike mahogany, it does not burn a hole in your pocket and its neutral color means that it will blend well with existing wooden furniture in your home. If you are looking for new furniture that will blend well with what you already have, then furniture made of pine wood will be a good option to choose.  It develops a nice and rustic patina from age and use. 
Walnut: It is one of the most expensive woods. It is known for its strength and straight grain. Its various colors will complement your décor and it is a very versatile wood.  It is a very strong and stable wood that can elaborate carving. It is generally clear-coated oiled to bring out its color. 

Cherry: This wood is easily shaped and polishes really well. It has rich gorgeous color. Its color may vary from deep red-brown to lighter shade too. It is a hardwood and expensive too. It is most valued of hardwoods and used in making fine furniture and cabinets.

Maple: It is a durable wood and can be merged with any kind of stain or paint. Its color is usually creamy white and has sometimes light orange tinge. The best part about this hardwood is its affordability.  
Oak: This copious hardwood has always been valued for its strength. It is very hard wearing and heavy. It is known for its lovely open wood grain markings. It is moderately expensive. Its color varies from rich grayish-brown to reddish-brown and its reddish brown one is less expensive than the light shade wood.

There are much more types of wood which are used make furniture. Arguably, almost all kind of wood is used to make furniture. Each type of wood has its own characteristics. The more one knows about wood and its source, the better they can understand the warmth it brings in their home. We understand that furniture is one of the most precious possessions in your house and bring the best possible option for you. We are determined to pay attention to each detail mentioned by you. 

Dining table, center table or side tables, they all are a useful part of the furniture and make our home look stylish. The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house and main likely to be the main sitting area in your home. Furniture in this area should be comfortable and practical. Proper spacing is a must as it should not come in between moving traffic of the house. Furniture is the first component for your consideration when it comes to bringing comfort at your place. While selecting furniture things like weight and durability of wood should be paid attention too. Every piece of furniture speaks volume about the owner's personality.


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